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These steps helped me—and others I’ve coached—find the right career and a great job

Woman holding a mug that says ‘like a boss’
Woman holding a mug that says ‘like a boss’
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I’ve had many ideas of what I thought would make a good career for me that turned out to be completely false.

What I did choose (a career in account management) was not something I felt aligned with. After a few experiences of being in the wrong job, and seeing how it negatively impacted my health, my energy, and my relationships, I knew I had to find something that was fulfilling for me. I realized this in 2016, and it wasn’t until 2020 that I created a career that involves everything I love.

After starting my side business and offering freelance writing and marketing services, plus eight months of searching for a job, I found a fulfilling full-time role. It took some soul searching and investigative research. …

Paper Poetry Prompt #5

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Mostly forgotten, the child within waits until we stop ‘doing’ for just a moment

Our child within wants to play, to dream, to dance

Other more ‘important’ tasks take their place

Play doesn’t make sense

Freeing the mind

The child within squeals with delight

When it sees its opportunity to come through us

When skipping, coloring, laughing, just being

The child within wants to ask endless questions

Escape the reality of day to day life for just a moment

What happens when we forget to play with our child within?

Our child finds a way to make things messy for…

The only way out is through

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The veil is thin, so grief showed up again

Catching me by surprise, grasping for what’s left of a memory

When the grief comes, I let it stay for a while

It usually comes when I’m still and present, giving it space to arrive and I see what it has to say to me

Grief can sometimes visit at an inconvenient time

It can feel like too much for me to handle, so I unconsciously numb in little ways

But I always come back to presence and I meet with grief head-on

Grief doesn’t want to hurt me, it wants to…

With growth comes graceful endings

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According to Jim Rohn, you’re the sum of the five people closest to you. Therefore, it would make the most sense to become conscious of what type of people you spend your precious time and energy with.

When you’re on a personal growth path and you start to become conscious of the different areas of your life you’d like to improve, like your mindset, and your lifestyle choices; your friendships and close relationships come into play.

If you’re on a path of awakening and growth, and the people around you aren’t on the same path, it can impact your relationship. Even if you’re not focused on improving, you’re allowed to change. …

More than just signs of good luck

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Image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The late Wayne Dyer said, “Every time I pick up a coin from the street, I view it as a symbol of the abundance God sends into my life and feel gratitude. ‘Thank you God for everything,’ never do I ask ‘why only a penny’?”

Once I learned this quote, it changed my entire perspective on what abundance is. I realized abundance is being as excited about finding a penny as it is for finding $20.

It’s having gratitude for the seemingly insignificant occurrences, that make way for receiving the opulent rewards.

Two years ago, I started noticing whenever I’d find a penny or any coin for that matter, on the ground. …

Only death could crack my heart open

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Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

The Moment

Grief came when I was least expecting it. Death was something I knew was inevitable but forgot along the way, as we all do.

Death would be the only thing that would wake me up out of a numb life on autopilot.

Most people live life on auto-pilot because it requires little effort, and you’re not forced to look at what’s wrong in your life.

I remember the day perfectly when grief made its first appearance. …

A poem

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Photo by Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash

Sun, sand, serenity

The ocean is a mystery

It’s too vast to even comprehend fully

Yet there’s no denying it exists

That to me is the reason why the ocean is like spirituality

An undeniable truth; it’s here to inspire us, cleanse us,

Revive us. For eternity

A cleansing vessel, we can never wrap our minds around

A meeting of two worlds: the land and the sea

The beach is a spiritual ground

Like our physicality when it meets our spirituality

Abundant energy that we can always turn to

Whether we are in pain or joy, it supports us fully

The ocean heals

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I’ve noticed this time of self-isolation has many parallels to the experience of a dark night of the soul, which comes before spiritual renewal. A time where there are no distractions from yourself or your thoughts and that space gives you the freedom to explore what is and isn’t working for you.

It’s a time of profound healing, that we got but didn’t ask for, and perhaps it’s even more intense than a typical dark night of the soul because we really don’t have anywhere to go to distract ourselves. …

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Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

I have always been a health and wellness-minded person. I believe it’s because I overcame leukemia at age three, ever since then I’ve recognized how important my health is and I’ve done everything in my direct control to be proactive in my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

Growing up I educated myself on healthy diets, and even in the third grade, I got many cookbooks at the local library for healthy kids (written for the parent) which focused on low sugar, organic, whole foods, and the elimination of certain ingredients like dairy.

I felt so much better with these changes and I liked knowing I was being healthy. I felt in control and when I was eating this way, I felt good about myself. If I didn’t sustain it though, I wouldn’t feel good about myself as a person: so I avoided that as much as possible. …

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Since I’ve started aligning with my truest self and embarked on a spiritual journey, I’ve learned from and worked with a wide variety of healers and teachers. Awakening is a path that can be quite confusing at times, causing us to seek out guidance from those who have come before us.

One of my most important learnings on this journey though has been that so many of the people out there, who we deem as leaders, are actually not always ethical, looking out for our best interest, or the real deal: no matter how much they claim to be.

What I’ve learned, is that we really are our own healers. In fact, we have to be.

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